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Untangle and set yourself free with the vision quest stone of Iolite. Named for its violet skied hues and taking its name from the lyrical tongue of Ancient Greek, this glorious Iolite Energy Bracelet is known for its ability to break the wheel, cut through destructive cycles, and to never flinch from making the heart face raw honesty. 

“I am my own anchor and my own safe port no matter how wild the storm.”

Like the sky after a thunderstorm, there is something wild and wonderful about the Iolite stone. Often used by the Vikings as a compass to find their way across stormy waters, this precious purple hued gem has long been revered as a must have guide when navigating the rise and fall of life’s great journeys. Because of this, Iolite became famed for being a light bringer of clarity and crystal vision. Worn by sailors and those seeking the way home, it’s a stone that invites a return to safety and promises to bring you through the storm. 

On another level, Iolite is also a talisman for eager spenders. It helps to break the cycle of debt by using its sword of sheer honesty to cut through the noise and get to the root of compulsive behaviors. It does this not with a harsh hand, but with a gentle reminder that you are worthy as you are. Iolite brings balance; it tells you that its time to take responsibility for yourself, to slip from the chains of co-dependency, and to stand on your own two feet without being knocked off course.

Iolite gives you the strength to face the unexpected to loosen your grip on controlling events and can keep your internal communication vibrant and healthy. In the physical realm – Iolite can help the liver detox, heal unhealthy relationships with alcohol and other substances, and can also keep the eyesight and respiratory system fully functioning and in beautiful bloom.

SIZE: 7cm

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