Selenite is a charging crystal. Place your crystals on the charging plate to charge and cleanse them. 

Selenite is an immensely popular crystal renowned for its cleansing and recharging powers. It is believed to promote mental clarity and purify negative energy. Often referred to as an angelic crystal, Selenite is associated with accessing higher consciousness and divine guidance through the activation of the crown chakra.

Selenite has long been associated with angelic beings and spiritual purity. Its translucent white hue facilitates communication with divine realms and helps open the higher crown chakras. During meditation, selenite has a calming effect that brings peace and clarity of the mind. Additionally, this powerful crystal can expand one's awareness and surroundings.

Selenite has the ability to clear mental confusion and aid in gaining insight into the greater situation. By placing a Selenite square on your forehead, its energy will connect with your guardian angels and provide clarity and guidance. Selenite also works to balance and stabilize both the physical and emotional bodies, and can even help cultivate telepathic abilities.