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Crown Chakra Stones: 13 Essential Crystals For The Sahasrara:

The crown chakra stones are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Lepidolite, Howlite, Labradorite, Sugilite, White Agate, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Charoite, and White Calcite. They help to clear blockages from the crown chakra and encourage you to reach enlightenment.

Understanding the Crown Chakra/Sahasrara 

The highest chakra – our crown of connection and spirituality to the universe, the Sahasrara is our seventh energy center and the home of higher consciousness, unity, and life purpose. With its bright violet and white coloring, its cosmic energy, and boundary-breaking vibes, unlocking the crown chakra can be our greatest adventure.

A bridge between the physical world we feel beneath our feet and all the secrets of the stars, the crown chakra is where we go to connect with all that sits beyond our earthly understanding. When our crown chakra is cracked open and all the light and energy of our body connect with the universe, we can truly leap to our highest learning. Those with an open crown can find themselves in beautiful spiritual balance. They radiate with peace and light. They are grounded and give themselves over to trust rather than being led by fear. They are open to all the great teachings of the universe and they are surrounded by abundance. The joys of a crown chakra cosmic connection can awaken every cell in the body and grant you a deep feeling of belonging and meaning.

For those who have a blockage or an imbalance in the crown chakra, you may feel the weight of cynicism on your shoulders. You may also dismiss spirituality or feel overwhelmed by experiences that invite you to explore deeper. You could feel locked into loneliness, unhappiness, malaise, and lack of direction in life. You may not understand your purpose and could even be trapped in a victim mentality and unable to take responsibility for your own life. Even for those who have gone the opposite way and have an overwhelmed crown chakra, this can lead to a loss of balance and grounding. You may feel spacey and out of contact on a human level. Balance is everything when it comes to the Sahasrara.

Healing Crystals for the Highest Chakra

Being soaked in high spiritual vibes, it’s no surprise that crystals are a perfect companion for those wanting to open their crown chakra. All crystals come with cosmic energy, but some are more weighted towards the ways of this world and others thrum with higher consciousness. These gems tend to be blessed with the colors purple and white and are brimming with ethereal properties. Take a look at these healing crystals for getting access to your highest chakra…

How can you use these Crown Chakra Stones?

Shimmering with light, granting access to the angel realms, and bringing peace and harmony to your mind and heart, these crown chakra stones are here to lift you up. For those who are craving a decadent dose of spiritual sunshine, here’s how to use these crown chakra stones for accessing higher living…

  • Hold the crown chakra gems in hand during visualization
  • Place the gems beneath your pillow during sleep to awaken spiritual connection
  • Build an altar with these gems for meditation and mindful healing practice
  • Massage your scalp using the crown chakra gems
  • Wear crown chakra gemstone jewelry to carry those vibrations with you
  • Make a crown chakra grid around you

What else can you use?

For those who want an extra dose of crown chakra balancing and healing, you can use the following techniques to complement your crystal therapy and to attract even more light and abundance. Check out these ideas for crown chakra cleansing…

  • Practice yoga poses that open the crown (lotus pose, tree pose, headstand)
  • Sit in silence for a while
  • Meditate and imagine a white light surrounding your crown
  • Enjoy essential oils like Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, and Myrrh
  • Practice chanting
  • Say affirmations related to spirituality and consciousness
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Sit in the sun or walk in nature


Spiritual bliss is waiting for those bold enough to believe that they can open their crown chakra. Expanding your understanding of life, transcending limitations, and living in the light will undoubtedly help you to know yourself in a much deeper capacity. Say yes to your true spirit and let the lotus bloom with these crown chakra crystals.