Understanding the Vishuddha Chakra

The throat chakra is also called the Vishuddha chakra in Sanskrit, this translates to ‘pure’ or ‘purification’ – a perfect word for the power of learning to use one's own voice. The fifth chakra and energy center in our body, the throat chakra is how we communicate our dreams, thoughts, feelings, and how we externalize our sense of self. It’s a hugely important chakra that carries with it feelings of confidence, self-worth, connection, and helps form a bridge or flow of energy between the heart and the mind.

When our throat chakra is open and clear we can use our ‘soul gate’ to speak freely, to be heard, and to deepen our relationships with those around us. Signs of a blocked throat chakra can include feeling like your voice isn’t valid, being timid or shy, avoiding conflict or any kind of confrontation, being indecisive, and indulging in people-pleasing behaviors. It can also go the opposite direction and you can find yourself being dishonest, speaking without thinking, and saying insensitive things that could hurt people. In a physical sense, a blocked throat chakra can show itself in problems around the throat and the neck. You may have sore throats a lot, mouth ulcers, jaw pain, thyroid issues stiffness of the neck, dental issues, and any physical symptoms that affects the throat area, etc.

Bringing our throat chakra into balance is important. When our throat is clear, our tongue free, and our jaw unhinged – we can use our voice to rise up in this world and find our own sense of power. Your words are an important sense of expression and whether penned on paper or spoken aloud, these words help us to share who we are and give us permission to shine.