Understanding the Third Eye Chakra/Ajna

Sitting in the center of the forehead, the third eye chakra (also known as the Ajna in Sanskrit) is the seat of our intuition. This is the doorway to our deepest well of inner wisdom, our clarity, and all the knowledge we need to access higher spiritual contemplation. The third eye is the vision that looks inward and beyond the periphery of what our other two eyes can see. Connected to the celebrated and cerebral sixth sense, the third eye is represented by the dreamy color of indigo, it flows with feminine energy, and it’s associated with light and the lotus.

For those who have a third eye chakra block, this is when life may start to get tricky. A blocked third eye chakra comes with side effects that scatter across the physical, emotional, and spiritual realm too. In the physical sense, you may suffer headaches, ear issues, eye problems, your hormones may feel out of whack, and your natural circadian rhythms can be chaos which also leads to insomnia and poor sleep. Emotionally you may feel stressed, anxious, indecisive, stuck, closed-minded, and unable to move forward with any ideas you have.

When our third eye is in check and open wide, we are able to move past the binary of black and white thinking. We remain connected, balanced, and able to see beyond the borders of self-limiting beliefs. In small ways, we can trust in our decisions, honor our feelings, and hold clarity for the bigger picture in life.

Powerful gems that stimulate the pineal gland and help us connect to our own wisdom are the best cut choices for the third eye chakra. You want stones that are all about rousing clairvoyant properties, calling on the mystique, and turning your gaze inwards for deeper vision. Take a look at these impeccable crystals for the third eye chakra.


                                          amethyst for the third eye chakra

It’s no surprise to see the peace and wisdom loving serene stone of Amethyst topping this list. The purple powered gem is without a doubt stacked with third eye chakra and crown chakra vibes. Amethyst is the sublime stone of spirituality and it will do whatever it can to get you ready for that great awakening. Amethyst calms frustrations, cuts out headaches, and brings sweet blissful sleep. All of these physical factors can directly impact our ability to tap into our third eye and to access our own sense of self. Amethyst awakens psychic abilities and invites you always to leap higher and higher until you reach the pinnacle of your own beautiful being.

Lapis Lazuli

                                            lapis lazuli for third eye chakra

Truth and awareness are reflected in the glittering blue and gold shades that dress the impressive stone of Lapis Lazuli. Full of soul wealthy energy, Lapis is a light wielder and loves to ignite open and honest conversation. Because of its adoration of speaking with authenticity, it is a throat chakra gem but it also works its magic on the third eye chakra and the crown chakra too. Pulling you in with its visionary powers, it grants you all that you need to rouse your deepest intellect, pull on the threads of wisdom, and tap into those visions that will lend clear perspective and powerful problem-solving. 


                                           labradorite stone for the third eye chakra

A thousand colors flash beneath the mirrored surface of the lovely Labradorite. One glance at this stone and you feel the mystical magic creep into every corner. Labradorite is a throat chakra stone, ensuring that your voice is clear and connected to the heart. It’s also a crown chakra stone, connecting your mortal self with the splendor of the wider universe. The stone of transformation is also a third eye chakra gem as it helps you move through changes using wisdom, inner power, and a better understanding of the bigger picture. Another awesome quality of Labradorite is the fact that it keeps you cloaked in protection when opening up to your psychic powers. 


                                                 sodalite stone for third eye chakra

Splashed with ocean energy, Sodalite pulls you down to new depths. These new depths aren’t about overwhelming or causing you to kick against the surface but are here to refresh you and bring you back into your power. Sodalite is a savvy throat chakra stone coupled with a higher vibrational third eye chakra stone too. We all know this award-winning combo is perfect for moving you out of the negative and into the positive and making sure that you keep connected to your inner truth. Sodalite also lends a sense of logic. It’s a gem that calls on you to balance your right and left brain to look at situations without getting swept away. Find out more about the meaning of Sodalite.

Black Obsidian

                                                 black obsidian for third eye chakra

High vibrations that murmur from ground to crown, the Black Obsidian stone is a trooper. This gem works across all foundations, clearing and stabilizing the root chakra, shaking up that solar plexus chakra, and encouraging your third eye chakra to embrace its wisdom. This dark stone is awesome at removing toxic vibes and keeping your aura shining bright. It’s all about breaking negative attachments so you can break on through the other side. Its mirror-like magic invites you to see further, see deeper, and not shy away from the powerful truth. 


                                            citrine stone for third eye chakra

Sunny and bright, Citrine is all golden vibes and glory. While we often link the summer sweetness of Citrine more to those lower chakras and physical energy points, this gem also has an impact on the third eye chakra too. Remember, everything is connected. As Citrine stirs up the passion, creativity, and confidence that can be found in our solar plexus chakra and our sacral chakra, these traits also lead to a deeper sense of self and wisdom. Only by knowing our joy can we learn about the depths of our own soul and this is exactly how Citrine gets to work.

Clear Quartz

                                              clear quartz for third eye chakra

The master healer, Clear Quartz shakes loose all those blockages that are clogging you right up. As its name suggests, Clear Quartz is clarity and clear-headed knowledge. It gets to work on all chakra to ensure that energy flows with ease and grace. It’s a bringer of light, knowledge, and known intuition. All these traits work like a charm when it comes to the third eye chakra and when we connect with our energy from tip to toe, we have a better chance of obtaining higher consciousness and following our bliss.


                                                 iolite stone for the third eye chakra

The stone of muses, the intricate Iolite gem is as lovely in mood as it is in makeup. This sparkling violet or blue crystal is often connected to the crown chakra but is also an opener of the third eye too. Iolite is all about balance and bringing your emotions to a middle ground so you aren’t led by spur of the moment moods but instead, use that deeper knowledge to access the answers you already have. Along with balancing masculine and feminine energy, Iolite will also stir up visions and encourage astral travel. Not only is it the stone of muses but it is also a gem of glorious exploration. 


                                                    lepidolite for third eye chakra

Perfect pops of pink and purple mingle in the magic of the Lepidolite stone. This gem is so soothing it's no wonder that it’s famed for having high levels of lithium. For those who find the drudgery of anxiety and dark depression keeps them from obtaining higher thinking, Lepidolite could be the light you need. This crown chakra and third eye chakra stone is a feast of good vibes. It balances hormone cycles, stabilizes the body and mind, and taps into those powers of intuition and trust, not to mention the ability to finally find our place in this cosmic universe. 


                                             moonstone for third eye chakra

Call on the crone energy of the Moonstone and let the light into your heart. This gem is radiant with its wise women vibes. This is a stone that isn’t afraid to invite you deep, just like the prisms of night, it reminds us that walking through light and shadow will lead us to our truth. Moonstone clears out the heart chakra, radiates with rare energy to connect your crown chakra with the universe, and also tunes in to your third eye chakra too. This luminescent gem is a stone of new beginnings, it wants you to wander down paths of truth and purpose, and to find your natural sense of harmony and calm. 

Purple Fluorite

                                              fluorite stone for third eye chakra

Reflecting the rainbow and swirled in potent shades of violet light, Purple Fluorite finds itself shimmering with sublime promises to both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra too. This is a stone of mental excellence and is known for sharpening all the tools in your box so that you can lead a life on the laurels of precision and purpose. Shaking loose any creative blocks, inviting you to spin the gossamer of dreams into goodies, and granting you all that confidence and belief in your inner voice, this purple gem gets you poised for moving forward and living your biggest life.

Black Tourmaline

                                               black tourmaline for third eye chakra

A solidly grounding root chakra stone, Black Tourmaline is a rapid root chakra healer but also sends that divine energy from root to rise. This dark and powerfully protective stone makes sure that you are forever protected. Along with keeping that root chakra in check, Black Tourmaline brings focus, mental clarity, and balance to your mind. When we feel safe, solid, and sure of our stance in this world, this helps us to move out of survival mode and into deeper wisdom and higher thinking. 


                                                     kyanite for third eye chakra

Welcome a shift in perception and embrace all the soul support you could ask for as you go crazy for Kyanite. This loving stone is shifting salty sky moods and is forever about the magic that comes with healing the heart chakra, cleansing the throat chakra, and awakening your third eye chakra. This stone is all about self-discovery (but in a gentle way) and invites you to sink into a deeper meditation whenever you need to carve out some time and space. It also sharpens memory skills and helps guide you towards more logical thinking when your problem solving is out of balance and more connected to emotional overdrive. 

How can you use Third Eye Chakra Crystals?

Cleanse your third eye chakra and open the doors of perception. For those who want to call in the light of these healing crystals, here’s how to wake up your third eye chakra…

  • Place your crystal on your third eye during meditation
  • Surround yourself with your crystals while using the singing bowl to resonate with the third eye
  • Wear crystal jewelry with stones connected to the third eye
  • Hold your stone in hand while practicing affirmations about clarity and wisdom
  • Sleep with a crystal beneath the pillow to awaken visions
  • Keep your crystals close during tarot readings or any psychic practice

What else can you use

If you feel like your third eye needs an extra dose of help, you can also turn to these complementary third eye chakra practices to optimize your inner power…

  • Practice yoga poses that awaken the third eye (downward dog, child pose, eagle pose, lotus pose)
  • Meditate and imagine a white light clearing the clutter from your third eye
  • Wear the color purple
  • Eat dark chocolate and rich omega 3 or purple foods (kale, berries, eggplant)
  • Practice daily affirmations about purpose and wisdom
  • Let your space flow with lavender and basil essential oils


When our third eye is cleared, we can also get in touch with those psychic abilities, strengthen our gifts of clairvoyance, and live in the laws of attraction. We feel confident, positive, empowered, and peaceful. With the help of these gemstones, we can live in bliss.