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A favorite of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, the Peridot Energy ring has a deep glimmer of golden green and has long been prized as a potent precious stone for warding away all evil. 

“No matter how dark it seems, I will keep on towards the light”

Arresting in her emerald dress, the Peridot stone is a mystical force with fabulous cosmos connections. Nicknamed ‘the extreme gem’, geologists are equally as fascinated with Peridot as the Queens of ancient civilizations. Born from fire, birthed from light, and with some Peridot stones even found to be remnants of exploding stars from the birth of our solar system, there are plenty of curious chasms to the millennia old stone that sits upon the wrist. 

This gem of the sun through the trees is rich with healing properties. One of the sublime strengths of Peridot is her perfect ability to keep the darkness at bay. Even in the deepest folds of the inner forest, where sunlight cannot pierce, the protective spirit of Peridot blazes with her beautiful light, chasing away the demons. A stone of nature, Peridot protects by making you feel as though the universe has your back. 

For those who fear the dark, who struggle with anger and who desire the light of bravery and balance, then Peridot is sure to be your prize. Peridot also lends a helping hand in keeping friendships pure of heart and strong. It shakes the tangle of envious thoughts from the mind, inviting happiness and good cheer. The Peridot Energy Bracelet works her magic with a quiet simmer during the day before burning like a hot coal at night. Wherever you go, with Peridot you always have light.

A bringer of life and light, Peridot truly blooms into its own when it comes to mental and emotional healing properties. One of the most potent healing crystals, Peridot is sure to stabilize your moods and encourage you to bask in the glow of a life well-lived. For those who need a little help in letting go of egocentric behaviors such as jealousy, resentment and spite, Peridot invites you to put down all that weighty baggage and go empty-handed and pure of heart out into the world. It is such a great stone at encouraging you to let it all go and rid yourself of problematic behavior patterns that don’t serve anyone and simply clog up space in the heart.

As Peridot is busy washing out all those negative emotions, it can be a great stone to alleviate stress and anxiety. When we are marred by jealousy, resentment, bitterness and holding into baggage and grudges, our whole body and mind can tip over into anxious thinking. This way of affecting sleep, wellness, and emotional balance as a whole. As the twinkling green gemstone invites you to purge your heart and soul, it leaves a lightness that feels like stepping into sheer sunlight. Peridot is also sometimes called The Study Stone, thanks to its innate ability to invite the mind to focus. If you find that when you sit down to do something a thousand threads keep distracting you, this could be the perfect companion to set your mind on getting the job done. This is a gemstone that gives you the focus and energy you need to persevere so matter how taxing a task. It’s a great stone to have when you are faced with an academic challenge that needs to be solved.

Metaphysical Properties

Being a stone that connects to both the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra gives you a great foundation to find your balance and stability in the storms of the world. The solar plexus chakra is the core of who we are. It’s the ego, the willpower, the pleasure center and where you build a sense of who you are. Unsurprisingly, if this system is out of whack it can have a knock-on effect to your whole sense of health and wellbeing. When this chakra is blocked you may lose all sense of purpose and motivation and slump down into a rut as life passes you by. By using Peridot to awaken and clear out the chakra, you could just get that glorious bright burst of energy and direction you’ve been waiting for.

Peridot is also connected to the heart chakra, AKA the place where your love and trust sits. If your heart chakra is blocked, you may struggle to build better relationships, you may be unable to let your love leap higher, instead of pinning it down with destructive ideas of jealousy and fear. But fear not, a dose of Peridot in your life and your heart can shine like a light.

Zodiac Birthstone

Leo and Virgo share the Peridot stone. Being the birthstone of the month of August, it’s no surprise that this gleaming gem is a soft reminder of summer nights. While cool to the touch in the daylight hours, it burns as bright as hot coal come the eve and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos are kind and creative and full of passion, but they can also be super judgmental and quick to criticize especially when they lose a little control as they love to lead the room. Peridot helps Virgos to simply let go, to lay down their discriminatory nature and to welcome love and understanding into their heart.

Leo’s too can benefit from bringing a beautiful piece of Peridot into their life. Equally warm, fierce and always ready to leave a blazing trail, Peridot is a perfect match for the Leo who always lights up the room. The crystal comes in handy when tempering their possessive spirit, a must for learning to let trust grow from seed to bloom and share relationships that bring endless peaks of positivity.


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