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  • Known as the sunset stone
  • An ancient stone of fertility
  • Warriors would wear Carnelian during battle
  • Known for building personal power and confidence

This emstone is believed to have powerful effects on vitality and ambition, and is often called the "Artist's Stone" for its ability to draw out artistic expression. Carnelian is thought to stimulate energy and positivity, providing a boost of motivation to help you break free from routine and explore your inner creative child.

Carnelian has long been associated with aiding those who lack confidence in their voice, inspiring creativity and motivation to rise above the shadows. If you feel burdened by negative feelings, Carnelian can help you to move past them and spark new ideas. Dubbed the 'Singers Stone', Carnelian can help those who struggle to express themselves to raise their voice and speak out unafraid. Bringing Carnelian into your life will ensure your voice is always heard and your soul can be freed and empowered.

  • Connected to the lower chakras
  • Awakens your warrior spirit

Carnelian is a healing stone associated with the three lower chakras, of which the Root Chakra is the foundation. Imbalanced Root Chakra energy can lead to feelings of insecurity and instability. When the energy is in flow, however, it allows for emotional freedom and a sense of trust in life.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with passion, intimacy, and our inner fire. When blocked, it can lead to difficulty connecting and feeling joy. Carnelian energizes this centre to help increase one's vibrancy and life force, which extends to the Solar Plexus Chakra - the home of our self-esteem and warrior spirit. When the Solar Plexus is blocked, Carnelian works to unleash the warrior within.

Carnelian is connected to the birthstone months of August and September, when the end of summer transitions into autumn. During this time, the harvest can be gathered and the healing powers of Carnelian can be reaped. The zodiac sign of Virgo finds comfort in Carnelian, as these signs draw on their creativity and passion. However, they can be hard on themselves and may experience imposter syndrome. Carnelian helps Virgos to stay confident and believe in their creations.

Cleansing your Carnelian Crystal

It's critical to regularly cleanse your crystal to remove any negative energy that may accumulate. Placing it in a bowl of fresh bottled water and allowing it to sit for at least an hour is a simple way to purify the stone and return its energy back to the earth. Sea or rock salt dissolved in water is also effective, as salt has been used for centuries to absorb negative energy and expel negativity. To supercharge the cleansing, wave a smoldering smudge mix over the crystal. For an extra boost, leave it outside during a full moon to recharge in the moon's energy.


SIZE: 3-6cm

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