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The soul stone, Charoite is shot through with crown chakra colors and holds a potent, powerful energy. The Charoite Energy Bracelet will be one of the finest tools in your spiritual set, gifting you the ability to bring your gift of being to others.

“I place protection on myself first, so that I may be there for those I love.”

First found in the wilds of Siberia where snow and ice drown the world, Charoite is a stone full of fascinating stories. The area in which it was found was a place of great adversity. And as though granted by the gods, here was this stone that had the unflinching ability to bring great comfort and strength to those that found it.

Charoite is a highly unique and rare stone. Stunning to look at, with her ripples of lavender and bright violet rays, there’s a high vibration that comes with wearing the Charoite Energy Bracelet. The heart and the crown chakra seems to crack wide open when in the presence of Charoite, and for this and many other reasons, it's known as the soul stone. Working with Charoite puts you in a positive and healthy place, where you can bring your gifts to others without causing undue harm to yourself. It helps you tap into positive intuition, to access higher plains, and to overcome fears.

 In terms of helping others, it brings energy when you are exhausted, attracts positive healing, and helps you to untangle your own issues from others, so you can tap into energetic boundaries without things getting messy. Charoite lends her healing powers to keeping blood flowing healthy and keeping you grounded with her higher frequencies. This stone of metamorphosis also helps you to stay connected rather than checked out in times of great or small change.

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