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Rose quartz healing wand. Beautiful to work with with in all areas of love and emotional grief.

Made from 100% natural rose quartz, this wand has a smooth texture and is able to retain warm or cold temperatures, to create a range of sensations. An intimate pleasure tool to promote emotional healing and sexual wellness.

For centuries, healers all over the world used crystal wands for healing purposes. Crystal wands come in all kinds of shapes they can be long, short cylinder or faceted shaped. One point can be rounded and or pointed. Crystal wands accumulate and direct energy. The elongated and cylindrical shape of most wands enables the crystal to focus its healing energy in a straight line. The wand’s point will focus its energy so that it can be directed and used on a specific part of the body. Wands can also be used as massaging tools add some essential oils and massage over the skin with the rounded end part of the wand.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is extremely famous for its healing properties. The stone is reputed to help the wearer attract love and romance and keep it. It works with the heart chakra and teaches self love and acceptance. Rose Quartz helps heal emotional wounds and releases grief and anger.

SIZE: 15-19cm

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