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The pomegranate of crystals, this Garnet Energy Bracelet is fruit on the vine. Connected to the heart chakra, it’s a stone of primordial fire, high creativity, spirit, and love. For those who want to be bold and untempered, Garnet is your stone of glory.

“The fire that burns brightest is the flame of my truth and deep-set intuition, I am my own guiding light.”

The Garnet Energy Bracelet is not only an ornamental omen of positive energy, it’s the stone that symbolizes life itself. The color of blood, of the beating heart, and of the first fire that warmed the soul – there’s no deeper connection to the purest sense of self than a Garnet. In ancient Chinese medicine, the Garnet helped to bring the flow of chi to the body, warming the system from top to bottom, and ensuring that circulation is in a constant healthy flow.

A meditative fire, the Garnet keeps a steady burn and flicker even during the coldest of nights and the fiercest winds. It’s a stone that knows itself, and in turn, it invites you to plunge a little deeper and to discover the expressions of love that are already stashed in your heart. Garnet is awash in abundant vitality, so for those who have been feeling low spirited, lost, and dampened– the Garnet Energy Bracelet will reignite your fire.

Meaning:  Inspiration. Enhances creativity and brings inspiration. Inspires love and devotion. Purifies, cleanses, and brings order to chaos.  Boosts positive energy.  Helps to let go of useless & old ideas. It reenergizes the blood, heart and lungs.

Birthstone for January

SIZE: 6mm beads

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