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The Gemstone of Stabilization

Aragonite is an ancient grounding stone and this could be why it holds so much deep-rooted earth energy. It was first found by human hands in the Aragon river that sweeps through Spain - a hint as to how this stone earned its name. It is also mined in Morocco, Austria, France, Italy, the UK, Namibia, the USA, and Mexico. There are a couple of different ways in which Aragonite comes to be. It either flowers out of hot springs or stalactites - entwining like branches and giving it the nickname of iron flowers. Or it is found in the lining of mollusk shells tucked in with the mother of pearl coating and bringing a pearly prettiness to the shell. It is also commonly found in the shape of star clusters which carry their own significant meaning. Aragonite star clusters have an exceptional grounding quality and truly capture the stable Aragonite meaning for which the stone is so loved. 

Aragonite’s connection to nature runs deep. For those who have been floating in spiritual space too long or for those who have lost their connection with the world beneath their feet, this stone pulls you upright and keeps you steady and stable no matter what. Only when we are connected to the here and now and able to withstand the winds of change can we show up for ourselves and others and thrive to our fullest potential.

Integrity, stability, balance, and the belief in one’s own self. These are all elements that help us to feel more stable in this world and this is exactly what Aragonite promotes. It’s an excellent talisman for those who feel too flighty or as though they are constantly being pushed down. Aragonite is infused with solid grounding power meaning that it helps you to find your footing and dig into your roots to become an unshakable force. It does this without making you stubborn but instead encourages flexibility of the mind. Aragonite was a popular crystal for making jewelry for teens and young adults. This can be a time when energy is big and brash and emotions ride high. Aragonite helps to temper these tumultuous moods and instead fine-tunes focus and directs energy into a more constructive place. It helps us to find patience and acceptance and to let go of anger and emotional stress. Instead, our hearts make space for clarity and we are able to tap into our insight rather than letting our judgment be clouded by fear.

As a hugely stabilizing stone, it’s no surprise to hear that Aragonite is all about the root chakra. The Root chakra is our foundation. Without a clear and solid root chakra, all our energy becomes off-balance. Aragonite has that balance between earthly resonance and spirit seeking. It encourages journeys beyond the every day by making sure that we stay grounded even when flying high. It can be tempting to leap with both feet when ascending but Aragonite reminds us that keeping a physical and spiritual connection to the earth is essential. We must honor our roots, center our spirit, and silence our mind so that our understanding of person and pasture goes even deeper. 

Aragonite is also believed by many to be connected to the enigmatic earth star chakra. This special chakra is said to be located not on the physical body but deep beneath our feet. It’s an energetic earth chakra that anchors our whole system. It also helps channel positive energy from the earth and encourages excess energy to seep away. 


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