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As lyrical as lemons on the branch, Citrine brings a splash of sharpness to our soul, waking us from a winter slumber and warming our hearts so we can be wild and free. For those who crave a sense of adventure and creativity, the Citrine Energy Bracelet is Vitamin C. 

“I am the sun; I am the life-giver to my own soul.”

As light and warm as the sun, Citrine radiates health, inner wealth, and awakening dormant dreams. Nicknamed ‘the light bringer’ by the Ancient Romans and Greeks, there has always been something about this gemstone that called to us. Perhaps it’s the familiar feel of warmth, the glitter of nature’s gold, or the divine symbol of fruit that we hold close to our hearts, but Citrine seems to shake our spirit in the most positive and playful of ways. While its name suggests simple pleasures and a tart sweetness that explodes in life, Citrine is also known as The Success Stone. This precious stone brings luck, but not through the mystical art of external forces. Instead, Citrine encourages you to tap into your best assets and to manifest your own magic in making those dreams and visions come true.

Citrine hangs on the chakra branch of your solar plexus, and for this, it is exceptionally gifted at nudging clear old blocks and letting the energy flow. It brings a glow of determination, self-confidence, and a golden rain that uplifts even the most tepid spirits. Citrine is unable to hold bad energy, and therefore it's one of the only stones on earth that doesn’t need to be cleansed. For those seeking a splash of sun and the rampant joy of even more juiciness in life – the Citrine Energy Bracelet is your light. 


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